Blogs To Look At


Here are some great blogs either to help you study and succeed in lab and lecture or to help you out with a fun study break! I’ll try to post some of the more pertinent posts for each topic, but please go exploring! If you find something interesting, please share!

      1. LabPhotos ~ Taken by an organic chemist, these photos bring out the colorful and not-so-colorful successes and failures that you could see in ochem lab.
      2. Labsolutely ~ This blog also brings out the fun in chemistry. Check out the Columns playing the theme to Mario Brothers!
      3. C&EN Onion ~ Ever heard of the Onion, a wonderful satirical online newspaper? This brings it to the next level in chemistry!
      4. Open Flask ~ Bringing it to a serious side for a bit, this is a blog straight from Dr. Baran’s lab at Scripps Institute. A really huge force in his field of synthesizing natural products.
      5. Ph.D Comics ~ Even if you aren’t grad students (yet 😉 ), these cleverly drawn comics are so relatable. Feeling really burnt out? Try the Ph.D Movie!
      6. The Collapsed Wavefunction ~ Among some other cool stuff, this blog focuses on podcasts talking about some cool applications for the chemistry, interviews with famous (or at least semi-famous) people, and explaining common things we see from the chemical perspective!
      7. Science Notes and Projects ~ Ever wondered what happened today in science? This blog gives snippets of biographies of famous scientists on their birthday, not to mention some cool projects to try!
      8. Mastering Organic Chemistry ~ This one should probably have gone first. It is an invaluable guide on all things organic chemistry. Not all topics have been covered yet, but there’s still a lot to choose from!
      9. The Lab Safety and Survival Guide (on Facebook) ~ For a plethora of the silly and serious of how to stay safe in the lab.

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