Some Study Techniques

Hello awesome students,

Here are some links for you. These blogs, especially the first one, is an awesome resource. I have more blogs listed in the second page of the blog. You can reach it by clicking on the cyclohexane with the three lines (Menu) and then on the “Blogs to Look at” page.

Memory Techniques

Do’s and Don’ts 

Post about Isomers (bonus cat references)

Also this.  If you don’t look at anything else, look at this.

Favorite quotes: “Sometimes we’re going to come across questions where maybe we haven’t seen these reagents in exactly this combination before.  You’re going to say to yourself, “Uggg!  I swear, I have NEVER seen these reagents before.  I have NO IDEA what Dr. [azmanam] is trying to do here!”  And it may feel frustrating.  But we’re going to be required to take those reagents, combine them with what information we already know, and do something new and unique with it.”

Also, it’s okay if you sometimes feel like this.  Just as long as you keep doing this. 

Happy Studying!



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